Ostomy Support Group of Tucson, Arizona
Who We Are
The Ostomy Support Group of Tucson, AZ (OSG-TAZ) is a charitable, non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to providing current and future ostomates and their
caregiver(s) education through meetings, newsletters and emotional support. We are affiliated with the United Ostomy Associations of America (UOAA). The UOAA is a
national network for bowel and urinary diversion support groups in the United States. The learn more about the UOAA go to

The Ostomy Support Group of Tucson, Arizona  was founded in 1966 by Robert Blake, MD, and Virginia Vukovich, RNET, for the benefit of individuals who have or will
intestinal or urinary diversions. Dr. Blake, a urostomate, was a well known ophthalmologist for over 30 years in the Tucson community. He served as President for 6
years. The
group was called, "The Mission Ostomy Chapter of Tucson," and became the 12th chapter of the United Ostomy Association. Our group has been helping ostomates
continuous for 54 years. It is our mission to offer encouragement to ostomates and families through education, emotional support, free products and support meetings.

The purposes of the OSG-TAZ are to:

  1. assist in the rehabilitation of persons who have, or will have ostomy surgery.
  2. assist all ostomates needing help, including pre-operative and post-operative visits by trained visitors.
  3. provide support to the ostomate's family.
  4. provide a better understanding of ostomates.

Membership in the Ostomy Support Group - Tucson AZ (OSG-TAZ) is open to all persons interested in promoting the OSG-TAZ. Membership includes a monthly
newsletter, The Courier. OSG-TAZ dues are on an annual basis payable in January. Prospective members will receive a complimentary issue of The Courier. Health
professions are encouraged to become members. Please visit our
Membership page for more information.

Visitation Services
The OSG-TAZ will send a trained ostomy visitor to either pre-operative or post-operative patients, if requested. Contact the Visitation Coordinator at (520) 206-0268 to
make arrangements.

Many have found that contact from a trained ostomy visitor has helped start them back on the road to everyday living. Visitors help new ostomates realize that they are
not alone in their situation.

Please note that all information you provide to the OSG-TAZ visitation program is confidential.

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Ostomy Support Group of Tucson, Arizona
Message phone: (520) 206-0268
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